NJ eg parts for sale

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boostless and proud!
I have an 92 eg hatch that got rear ended and I have an h22 and trans went on it, so I'm pulling the motor, and parting out the shell. I have a mugen carbon fiber hood(not sure if its real), carbon fiber duckbill, spoon mirrors, brand new head lights, anything you need interior or exterior, except the tailgate and rear bumper are smashed. Also have front tokiko blues, and kyb agx adjustables for the rear and progress springs for an h22 swap. Also have dc 3inch cat back exhaust in decent condition. Reply with wat u need ill tell if I got it, and will be able to take pics of what you want and send it to you.
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still have the shell and parts call or txt with wat you need, i probably have it, everything is in really good condition.
im posting what i dont have anymore or what is no good

1.dont have seats(front or rear)
2. dont have cargo cover
3. hatch is smashed, but the the upper part with the glass is fine with lifts
4. rear bumper is is cracked in 2
5. e-brake cover is sold
The rear glass is in perfect shape and the lifts are perfect, the defrosters idk, cuz the guy who had it b4 me I guess unhooked them idk why, but I never hooked them back up.
dashboard and glove box??
passenger door??
misc trim??

Located in the Northeast PA
I have the dash, the glove box is missing the handle, I have the doors, and what parts of the trim do you need, if u want pics and a better way to reach me is my cell text or call I can text u pics also, 7326049598