EG w/ 15x7" offset help

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ok, so the plan is, to use the 15x7s as wheels to hold my BFG Drag Radials. 235/60/15s if that is possible, on a facotry ride height EG hatch. is this possible? for track use of course. and which offset if my only choices are 38mm and 40mm? i'm guessing the 40?

if that size wont work, can i go with the 225/50/15s? or am i limited to 205/50/15s? i guess if i can't use the 235's, i can always put the 225 or 205 on my fat fives rather then the 15x7s.

let me know what you guys think
235/60 is a bit big.
then again at stock ride height you have a shitload of wheel gap :p

im going 215-235/50's on 15x7's but im lowered 2.5 inches all around also.
i spoke with a shop, they told me 225/50/15s would be good for the traction i'm looking for. that'll put the 15x7s to use, and i'll roll around on the Fatfives.