EJ6 Coupe B16A2 to D16Y8 swap questions

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New Member
Hey at all

im new to the forum but i believe you guys can help me little better than in the german forums
My brother and me bought an EJ6 Coupe Preface with an B16a2 engine swap installed.
Well my brother wants this engine for his hatch and we want to install an D16y8 now.. or well its installed and makes problems. But first

The B16A2 seems to be OBD2b?? because the dizzy had 2 plugs like obd1 but the harness must be an ek4 obd2 harness because the owner used an obd2 to 1 adaptor for his P30 obd1 ecu

The d16y8 is taken out from a del sol.. seemed to be '96 and came with an P28G03 ECU which is OBD2

The Problem we have seems the dizzy plug.. we tried wiring it and all but.. starting the car the revs go up and down, the rpm goes all the way around the rev counter. it shows sometimes some speed (well car isnt staying on the ground..)
before that rev problem we had an other were the engine reved almost directly up to xy high revs

Can somebody help us getting normal idle revs and a working rev counter?

Sry if this was discussed before and thx for your help