Electrical issues, probably ELD related, need help

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So I have had the 87 CRX Si from DilbeckSkate for over a year now, and I'm having problems. I'm copying the thread I started in RedPepperRacing in order to see if you guys can help sooner.

The good:
1987 CRX Si
DOHC Swap with CG transmission
185PSI across all 4 cylinders
New alternator
Battery shows it's fine

The problems:
CEL lights:
1: o2 sensor
17. electronic speed sensor
20: Electrical load detector

So, o2 sensor I believe is being thrown by the ignition coil, I am replacing that one soon since I have new plugs and wires. After I have been driving for a while or nearly immediately in the cold, it runs poorly by missing and just not making power. It throws the CEL and gains power back, but the ECU flasher doesn't throw a code.

17, not sure how important that is, but I know how fast I'm going based off RPM. I have no speedometer and I'm fairly sure that's irrelevant to the cable, feel free to chime in.

20, ELD. This is what I think is the problem since the code is being thrown, and I know I have one that smells of burnt electronics under my seat next to the ECU. Let me explain the problem

The battery is dying after about a weeks worth of use. My initial reaction was to unplug the battery while not in use to make sure that there isn't anything putting a drain on the battery, and alas, there is no drain. I have a lifetime warranty on my alternator, so I got it and the battery tested, both shown to be working fine.

While the car is running at night, I turn the lights on and the headlights and dash dims, and it gets even dimmer if I'm operating the sunroof.

I did some research, and a faulty (which I know mine is) can cause idle issues, including poor idle (check) surging idle like a faulty IACV (check) high idle (idles about 2500 RPM, and acts like a bad IACV when it drops under 2000) and killing your battery while driving by not having the alternator running as much as necessary.

Does anyone know if the ELD and my problems are relevant, or do I have a third bug in the mix that needs taken care of.

If anyone knows where I can find another ELD that fits the JDM DOHC ZC, I would be much appreciative as well. This is my only transportation right now and I'm trying to do the best I can to keep it healthy and stable.
Check wiring, fuse box and all grounds for corrosion, loose connection, whathaveyou. Fuses too, especially if there is a fuse box under the hood. I suspected alternator, since it tests ok, then wiring is suspect. Fuse links, test them with engine running and electrical loads like headlights, cooling fan, heater fan running. Look for voltage across the fuse links. Don't forget battery terminals.

Numbnuts probably drove it in the rain with no hood.
Add more ground.

I'm willing to bet your e-brake cable (If it's still operable) gets warm during start-up too. That'll be the tell-tale.