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ok i am thinking about buying a 90 civic dx h/b with a "swapped si motor" how do i tell if this guy really did put the si motor in? what are the cosmetic differences so i can make sure he is foir real. i think he swapped the same generation si motor in but i am not sure. the car came stock with a D15XX and the new motor should be a D15A6? thanks--david (new to the honda game)
thanks but how do i tell the two apart in the engine bay? are there any cosmetic differences? and where is the engine code located i know in B series motors it is in the front on a mount near the header right? are D series motor numbers in the same place? thanks--david
Ya,Should be depending on the model.Some have it on the side I think.
any that i've ever seen have the block stamping in the same place, right on the block facing the radiator, by the header right where it mates to teh tranny
i think the si is also mutipoint, but he could have done the mutipoint converstion

yeah they are mpfi... just look for the block stamping, it's on there.