Engine Knocking?

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Senior Member
okay, my b16 is knocking, i think. at idle, every so often, theres like a putter and the rpm drops like 100...is this considered knocking? heres the thing, my distributor is almost all the way advanced, and when i try to bring it back to tdc, it starts puttering even more. i have a field vafc, so is there a way to change the fuel ratio so that the puttering stops? should i make it richer of leaner?
Your engine is not knocking. Bring the timing back in were it should then check everything. It sounds like a idle or fuel problem and by advancing the timing your just masking the problem.
Your cam timing is most likely off. Check your ignition timing with a light. If your timing has greater advance/retard than you can adjust with the distributor, your off a tooth.