engine or ecu problem?


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after my b16 obd1 swap to my crx finaly was finish and my car started was i wery happy. so the firsth ting i did was drive around the block and got my engine heated up so i could take it for a test drive on the "high way"
but when i reach just over 4000rpm i every gear does it feal like im hitting the rev limiter... but it sound like it`s cutting the sparks because im getting unburned fuel in my exhaust..

but i have not wired the vtec solenoid and pressure switch and not the o2 sensor. can this lead to a safe mode in the ecu with 4000rpm limit?


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um, YEAH.

you should really try FINISHING your swap before driving it.

the o2 is most likely your culprit.


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well i finished my swap an still gets a CEL: do you know what pins at the ecu i should short wire to get the codes out?


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wow strange thing. i wired in a flip switch between B2 and A24 (LG2 and PG2) and made connection between this. and the engine light keeps saty on and no blinking.
should i just ground both wires or should they be short wired like i tought?

all sensor are now conected but the car get way to much fuel!