Engine Problems with 88 honda accord

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Senior Member
I just got my ex-gf's 88 honda accord for free, but it is because it has some engine problems. I am certainly no mechanic BUT I can do alot of things, I changed the water pump and alternator on my blazer, as well as a front brake job on it. Well Here is the deal; The car starts, but it wont idle below say 1500 rpms, the rpms just drop then it kills if you take your foot off the gas, and the motor backfires, but only when its in drive, and not all the time. It doesnt seem to be consistent in this, it seems mostly to backfire when the motor is under more load like when its going uphill, but I am not too sure about this. Anyone have any idea what I should look into? I was thinking it sounds like a carburetor problem, but Im not sure. I should probably see if the ecu is throwing a code, the service engine light isnt on though...which seems odd to me, the car is old maybe its burned out? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help guys!