Engine Sleeving

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to reinforce the honda cylinders with a sleeve. what horsepower amount is this recomended at?
i think it more depends on how much boost you want to run, or how much you want to bore out on the cylinders. for NA at std bore, the stock sleeves are just fine.
im new to this whole import scene but i have many questions on things i have read. this is the first site out of three that ive received a response to one of them. ive read some of the things you guys have been talking about and it sounds like ive finally found a good site.
well, what do you have planned? that will help decide if you need to resleeve or not.
i would like to have the walls bored not sure the numbers, a possible turbo in the future. right now its all in blueprint mode so im still trying to figure stuff out. like how much i should expect to pay for boring. im even trying to find the right and affordable engine.
don't know about cali but here in nc my friend just spent about $350 at the machine shop on his block getting it bored and etc,.
pjecthatch, 1st off WELCOME ABOARD!!! In regards to your question, I'm in southern cali (LBC) to be exact. Just to hone your 4 banger shouldn't cost more than $70. It usually runs around $15 a cylinder depending on the competition of the shops. If you're planning to go turbo, I'd suggest you have your blueprint ready before starting, otherwise you're gonna have to do everything twice depending on how much you want to boost. See if you can pick an engine and what set up you want to run, then everyone would probably be able to assist you better. Good luck!