engine swap help

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i used an obd2 harness on my obd1 engine but the problem is i think the intake manifold and head are obd2 im not 100 percent sure because the kid before me had the motor and blew it up but anyway i had to cut the harness because i had an obd2 and bought an obd1 and i connected the fuel injectors to obd1 and alternator, i wired up the car and there is an extra plug that connects to the car harness and there is one extra plug by the block and there are like 3 or 4 plugs by the side of the block where the tranny is please help me asap!!! thank you
ahhvech know his stuff and probably can help, but you have to stop being so damn impatient, greenhorn.
Without knowing what year and model you have no one is going to be able to give you any useful help. My advice is to use the harness that originally came with your car and modify it to accomodate obd1 or obd2.