Engine Swap On Tnn

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i think that the car was a ex but i might be wrong
Sorry to sound dumb, which this probably is a dumb ??
B :unsure: ut what the hell is riced mean
ahhh, the term, "riced out." Such slang is indicative of, exccess.

When you have a spoiler that increases the height of ur vehicle 2x, then you know you've riced out.
When you have more stickers ... hmmm .. than a small child (or more than 1), you know you've hit the rice.
When you've got 29" rims on a tiny civic hatchback .. you're either freaking smart, or you've got rice for a brain.
When you paint your car 25 different colors, and then totally fade them together with some metallic paint, you're probably "ricing."
When you've got a 7" diameter exhaust tack-on, you've gone to the rice zone.
When you've got veilside bodykits on everything from your shoes to your girlfriend, your car is likely a cute piece of cooked rice.
When you've got little canisters of NOS hanging off of ur keychain, ur trunk, ur dash, etc, you're likely ricing.
When you've got a "Powered by Honda/Nissan/Toyota" seatbelt strap, it's like inhaling that powedered rice.
When you've got carbon fiber in places where nothing will suffice, you've not only proved to be a freaking 'tard, but moreover, you've hit the ricepot.

Well, enough of my list. I'm gonna sleep, but u get the point. :ph34r:
or you buy dumb shit, such as this NOS air freshner:


Originally posted by paragus@Feb 16 2003, 07:56 PM
What i love is they poured all this money into the D-series pos.. naaawwss, ignition, headers, intake, etc.. dynoed it.. just to rip it all out and do a gsr swap and get more hp then the modded d motor

Well, that's probably what most people that start really getting into modding their Civics end up doing- mod the stock engine a little, then end up swapping it all out later anyway.

I want to see the video footage!