Engine Swap

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I would like to know what is a mounts please tell ! me
be more specific :huh:

If your reffering to Engine mounts, they are what hold your engine in your engine bay. You shouldn't really be attemping a swap if you dont know this, so now you know.
just tell me if i have everything to make a swap if i have these-

B16A 92-00 (SiR-II) Complete Change Over

- Motor
- Hydrolic Tranny (S21, Y21)
- ECU (P30)
- Axles with Half Shaft
- Shift Linkage
- Stock Motor Mounts
- Alternator
- Starter
- Clutch
- Flywheel
- Intake Manifold
- Exhaust Manifold
- Fuel Rail
- Injectors
- Distributor
- Engine Harness
- Comes With All Sensors Needed
- LSD Tranny (Optional +$300)
ne se comprend-il pas?Je l'espère.Je vous envoie un P.M.