Engine Weight Table

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Mugen V10               330     (23) 72 degree bank angle, F1
Mugen V10               341     (70) 72 degree bank angle, F1, 1991-1993
Mugen V8                255     (64) 90 deg F3000 (late motor)

Yes please....
when i lived in tahoe, there was a boat me and my family went on that had 2 of these in it, it was a large chris craft.
Allison V12 1160 (160) 1710 CID, 1400 HP aircraft

cool, but they dont list the engines we talk about here. so..... here's some more useful engine weights :D :

Engine Weights:

Si = 218.9 lbs.
Std/DX = 207.7 lbs.
HF = 195.3 lbs.
ZC = 247.9 lbs. (give or take a little.....)
B16 = 309 lbs.

taken from this website:
Ryan's 88 crx pages