Ex/Si cluster for 92-95 Civic

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I just got my (supposed) Ex/Si automatic cluster today and installed it on my Dx. I noticed there wasn't a VTEC light on the cluster, I thought there was on the EX/Si--did the bastard send me a Lx cluster? It has cruise control, all that shit, and it had one extra green plug in the back of the new cluster, I didn't have it on my wires for the Dx. I am always paranoid about stupid little shit... :angry:
a vtec light?? i dunno.. i got my ex cluster today and installed it too and there's no vtec light... and i also didnt have a green plug. but i ran everything and it seemed ok to me.
Yeah, everything runs fine--except my mph stick from like 0-5 or 0-10, but I'm just being picky.
uhm, i have a 93 si hatch standard and there is NO vtec light. what the fuck are you smoking?
Yup. No factory clusters have VTEC lights on them- who ever told you that they did?

0-10 is always going to be iffy on any speedometer...
Don't flame me! j/k..I dunno, I thought there was a VTEC light on Si clusters...and because my mph sticks from 0-5, it throws my whole mph off...CAI kicks in at 38 mph for me, it says 42 on new cluster (yes I am that goddamn picky!)
heh, you dont need a light to see when you're in vtec, you better fucking be able to feel it ;)
WTF!! i just swapped it mine in yesterday.. it was working fine.. now the tach doesnt move. it pretty much broke.. im i dont gas it i can shift through the gears without it moving.. but if i drop it a gear and for example its reving at 4grand the tach shoots to 6 and just stays there. anybody got any ideas???? im doing some research right now.
yup =( I got an automatic, remember? I have no control over it, it does what it wants to. When SHOULD it kick in?
What do you mean, "kicks in"? Your car doesn't take in any air until 38 mph? I highly doubt that. Remember the whole thing about needing fuel, AIR, combustion and spark for an engine to fire?
200 civic Si cluster green plug

So I just bought a 2000 Si cluster that says is a direct swap into my 98 dx. however my car does NOT have a green plug that goes into the back of the gauge cluster, and when I turn my car on everything works fine except the check engine light is on. does anyone know what this green plug is for? from what I have read from searching the 'net it's for cruise control, so how would that affect my check engine light? if it's any help, I recently installed a exhaust system and due to a short wiring harness (I will be extending it later) one of my O2 sensors is unplugged. could this be causing it? thanks for any and all help :)

Wow... this was back when Havok was a noob. haha