F#@kin vandals

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I was in my moms car and driving into my driveway and i pass my sol and the sun was shining at the perfect angle, i saw little circles on the back bumper. I am like what the hell!? I take a look at it and someone took what looks like one of those stamps you have to use a hammer with and when up and down my bumper! :angry: Every little circle has the exact same pattern and everyone is the exact same size. If i could find how did this i would have to kick some ass. :bash: :axe:
that is super weak. a few months ago some phucker in my neighbor hood went around with a bb gun and shot several peoples cars including my civic, which i do not have the money to repaint at the moment so i have these lame ass primer spots on it. I hate people who mess with other peoples cars!!!
yea man, thats gay..and stupid and all that. hope whoever did it gets ass raped with a baseball bat.
someone shoved a nerf football up my muffler at school last week. i felt like kicking some serious ass.
last year i had kids spitting on my car during school, nothing real big, but when it gets spit on every day*either the hood or teh windshield* for a month straight, it gets really annoying

i never did find out who was doing it though
that all sucks. i used to live in an apartment complex where someone was keying cars just for the hell of it. luckily mine didn't get keyed.
i came out to the school parking lot one day to find my windshield covered with chewed up twizzlers. nice and sticky. i was pissssed!@#
Originally posted by Prowler@Oct 20 2002, 10:08 PM
someone shoved a nerf football up my muffler at school last week. i felt like kicking some serious ass.

now that's damn funny.
you have a 6" tip off the exhaust or somethin ??
No, 4" tip on there. Look in the ride profile thread I started, it isn't that big.
It was a mini nerf ball, but fortunately I saw it before I started my car. Otherwise that thing would've been flying out and hit someone when I started up.
I threw a mini gummy bears that you get at Walmart on a few kids car. Keep em in your mouth for 30 seconds, and then spit them on the back window for them really melt in the sun.
Get this, My friend Todd had This roommate that decided he didn't like him, So the kid used to slice Todd's tires like every couple of months after he moved out! But Todd could never prove it was the kid! It happened like 3 times and it was all four tires!
dude that suxs majorly
when i read the title i was thinking of the vandels the band though