f/s 97 HX coupe

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Wolf dawg
f/s 97 HX coupe

The deal:Up f/s is my girls 97 HX civic with a JDM-R swap B18C.

Mods: act 2100lb clutch
findanza flywheel changeable face.
walbro 255 fuel pump.
OBX header.
2 in a quarter inch exhaust with a high flow cat
18 inch tenzo rims..white.
Buddy Club cam gears.. not on car.
Also VAFC 2.. also not in car.

Info:The motor is pretty much stock. It has 140k on body and less than 25k on motor and trans. Has brand new tires. New PA inspection. Also the ECU being used is a USDM P73 to pass OBD 2 test.

The Bad- It has a body kit that needs work..
It has an after market sunroof.. the tracks broke needs new one
The drivers side window is broke again the track is broke.
The piece around the radio is cracked and the air vents are broke.

To see pics--- MySpace.com - Wolf Dawg - 23 - Male - pequea, US - www.myspace.com/thewolfdawg

Yes the car is a little ricey.. it could be fixed up.

I'd appreciate it if I don't get any BS comments about it. Thank you.

Just PM me with any questions. Looking to get 6 grand or obo


Wolf dawg
Bump- for a real type-R motor/tans with low miles just need stock body parts back on for a good looking car and price is 6G's OBO.