F/s D16a6/z6 Parts!

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I just did a D16Z6 swap in my rex, and I have several parts left over. the bottom end of the a6 is bad, so can't sell motor. but decided to part it out. I have:

- D16A6 head in good condition $50

- D16Z6 Wiring Harness in perfect condition with injectors $50 (from '93 civic EX)

- D16Z6 intake manifold (ported/polished/painted silver) $50

- D16A6 Exhaust manifold $15

- D16A6 Fly wheel $20

- D16A6 (88-91 1.6L non-vtec) valve cover painted blue in exc. shape $40

Any other requests you have that might be on my a6 motor, let me know.
All prices are negotiable (i'm not an asshole, just trying to get rid of this stuff)
I'd throw it all out if nobody wanted to buy it, but i figured i'd see if anyone wants it.
I can take payments through paypal and money order. just e-mail me at RFHOMI2U@yahoo.com
or IM me at RFHOMI2U (aol instant messanger)
would also be happy to give shipping quotes if you give me an address. thanks!!!
Ill take that wiring harness and injectors for 50.00, Im also needing the resistor box and ecu for that vtec car. Let me know. Jay
i will take the head asap... what all is included(is it indeed complete?) let me know at xlescx@hotmail.com... also, how much is shipping..

i'll take the flywheel and the wire harness.

but i have d16z6 FULL MOTOR (block and head) for sale, and i also need a 91 civic or crx SI trans.
you say bottom end is bad??....wha happen???....i want pistons if they are still good.....let me know....thank you
hey if you haven't already sold the intake manifold. I like to puick it up for $50