F/S: Leather Seats '03 Acura TL Black

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Up for sale are a full set of Black Leather Seats from a 2003 Acura TL Sedan. Everything on the seats are functional; Seat warmers, power adjustable, side airbags. The airbags are still intact. The leather is perfectly fine except for a 1" tear that happened at the driver seat (see picture), but I had it professionally restored. This tear happened because of the factory stitching, the tear should not progress anymore with the restoration.

They will be perfect if you have a car with torn and worn out seats, you can replace them with these.
My plan was to put this in a Acura Legend I had, but plans changed and need to sell. This would give a nice luxurious look to your interior since this came from a luxury sedan.



More Pictures of Front Driver Seat:

More Pictures of Front Passenger Seat:

More Pictures of Rear Seats:

These seats from the dealership new is priced over $5,000.
I just want $1,000 shipped for the whole set (its going to cost me well over $200 to ship them, unless you want to pick them up in Dallas TX and I'll lower the price). For just the front pairs, I will sell for $550 shipped. For just the Rear set, I will sell for $475 shipped.
I will accept paypal or money order, which ever you prefer.

The seats are already completely boxed up and are ready to ship out to you as soon as payment is received. There will be two boxes, one containing the front pair, the other containing the 2-piece rear seat. Seats have been wrapped and tightly packaged to protect your investment. I am located in Dallas, Texas where I will be shipping them from.

If you are interested, best way to reach me is just to email me at fanorcelica@msn.com mentioning the seats on the subject. Just email me with any questions, I do check it often.

-Chris G.


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Bump! I'll ask my friend. I'm making my car a two seater only. LaTeR.