CT F/S or Trade. 74 Datsun 260Z

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Watanabe Whore!!!
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I traded my little 88 200sx for this a while ago, which in hindsight, I made a mistake. The kid listed this Z for $3,800, but when I tempted him with 200sx. he went for it. I tossed the kid an equivalent of what was about $2200-2500 for it. So I'm going to base my lowest price at that. And what I added to it so far, will be the sluggish car market value for the parts I've put in and on it, plus what time for work I've already done to it.

When I finally got the car, it was a mess, but it drove to my house, so that was all I was interested in. First note of business was the wheels. I didn't like the old wheels on it, so I gave them back to the kid and put some wheels I had kicking around. Work mesh wheels on the front, and Watanabe RS8's on the back, about $600 worth of rims and tires, and they give the car a decent look. Mis-matched, but mean:p

Then I ripped out the old 260Z carbed motor, and dropped in the motor from my red Z that has about 5000 miles on it, since it was rebuilt a few years ago. The motor I dropped in is a F54/P90 280ZX N/A motor with flat-top pistons. A rough P&P job on the head, fresh injectors, ACT heavy duty pressure plate, 6 puck ACT clutch disk that has about 250 miles on it, and mounted to the stock 4 speed trans. A run of the mill header, refurbished motor mounts, a fresh radiator, JSK TB adapter to use a 240SX throttle body, a JSK fuel rail, a cheap Ebay FPR and guage that actually works, and a new electric high pressure fuel pump. I started hooking up the engines fuel injection swap, but lost interest in the whole car after I literally had to remove about 5 lbs of wires that ran some funky old alarm system that the original owner installed on the car.

I had a kid that owed me money come out and wax and polish the body up some, it started to look good, but the prior kid that owned it decided to spray paint the ass of the car flat black, so thats where the awesome looking car stops. I found out the car was re-painted back in 1993 to the original color, paint code 301, metallic brown. And the only rust thats popping out of the paint on the body is on the rear passengers side wheel fender. It's still salvageable for someone that a beginner in body work. As for the rest of the rust on the car, the normal floor pans, frame rails will need some welding. A basic car shop can do it for about $2-300. Or completely replace them with aftermarket rails and floor pans found on ebay.

The interior will need a ton of work, to bring it back to stock, or a little work if your just wanting to fab it up to your own likings. I already replaced the nasty steering wheel with another Z steering wheel that was leather wrapped. The seats have the normal old Z tears, so in my opinion, some cheap seats from ebay can fit in with no problems. With these old Z's, any seat can nearly fit, and it's really the drivers preference on what seats go in.

Remember....this is a 260Z....they only made these in 1974, for one year. That alone is a rare car for even being a Z. If I was selling a 240Z or a 280Z...the the price would be less.

Shocks, brakes, diff, bushings, and almost everything about the car is still stock and mostly original. The prior owner did have the front brakes replaced, and are good, and the rear brakes could probably use a little refreshing...or upgrade...since now there is a stronger motor installed...an upgrade wouldn't hurt. ;)

This car as it sits, I was earlier asking $3000 for it, but after counting up the amount of parts I tossed on it and the little extra work I did to it, I'd like to see $4000. Granted, it's not running, but all the parts that is needed to get it running I will provide with it. I have other parts that can go on it to make it a monster sleeper/hot rod, but those can be included in the sale of the car for the market value that is now running for those parts. And I have a stock pile of used parts to dress it up, fix something, replace something, or completely upgrade and I might just toss those in with the car for free or for a little extra. Once you come and see what parts I have, find out what they are, and what performance they can give you, and what mods you would like to add to the car, we can work out a price.

Here is what the engine I tossed in sounds like, and the tire smoke it can do with some fresh tires at an event I did right after I rebuilt it, and I only did one event with the car when the engine was in the red Z which was this event and the car only saw about 4 minutes of action in harsh conditions that drifting exerts. (but granted, the red car has a full suspension package and an lsd, which this car doesn't have, so performance will be different)
Airjockie trying to drift a 260Z at Stafford Sprin- Video

With these Z's, upgrades are plentiful. Just spend a day looking on the internet on just the possible potential for these old cars.....and your going to get stuck on the web for about 3 weeks. I've owned them for years now, and I'm still finding info, parts that can swap over, and an endless amount of possible upgrades that than be done to these damn cars daily. Out of all my research, I think the hottest Z is one in Okinawa with a simple HKS intake plenum, fitted with 3 mikumi 50's, a few extra injectors, a few extra injectors, a turbo tuned properly, built up with a decent diff, yada yada ya....Just look at 1:50 and 4:37 for the light blue Z...hell, the whole vid is simply awesome.http://videos.streetfire.net/video/zeroyonNov03DryHoppDivx_172701.htm The possibilities of these old Z cars are simply endless.

Pictures of the car are here,
Another 260Z I can take more picture if requested.
and the engine I dropped in is here...(pics are when I dropped it in the red Z)Another Z rebuild

So now the lowest I would accept is $4000 for the car as is, with the parts to just make it run...tow it away to your place to finish it up for a decent daily driver with a sweet engine and you got a sweet winter project that has a lot of potential. It should take an average shade tree mechanic two week-ends to get it running.

I'm also open to trades^_^

I'm looking for a pontoon boat for next spring that me, the wife and dog can enjoy... so find a pontoon boat that looks interesting to me somewhere that you can snag for what ever you can get it for, and if I like it and I think it may be worth it to trade, then you get the Z for what you pay for the boat for......you just have to find a way to get it to me....I still don't have a truck, but I'm planning on getting one in the spring.

I'm also looking for a truck, to pull a decent pontoon boat. But I only want a Nissan or Toyota truck right now, and something I can drive to work in the snow...so that means it must be 4WD. V6 thats good on gas, and dependable for at least 1 year with no maintenance. No rust buckets please.

I'm also looking for an engine swap for my 87 CRX, low miles, over 180hp, decent tq, and installed. That shouldn't be too hard to find, a simple swap should be no more than $2000, and the other $2000 can be the body kit I'm getting installed and painted...and then I'm happy. Unless you have a monster engine to swap in that may take $4000 to cover...then we got a deal, and I'll trade off my other stuff for a body kit install and paint.

I'm also looking for a 1996-2001 subaru legacy wagon or outback manual that has less than or near 100,000 miles in decent condition, with a clear title for a daily driver, and must be decently clean, and pass CT emissions. I know a decent one can be snagged for $2000...and if you snag one lower than $4000, then make sure it has some sweet stuff to come with it, or add some cash to even out the trade....show me what you got or found, and I'll tell you if we can make a deal.

a bass boat and trailer that is worth that much to you and is under 1500 pounds for towing safely behind my wife's 07 outback.

Rebuild my house slightly (right now just 2 rooms, one bedroom and the kitchen) finish them and carry off the debris....stupid simple...just labor and handy with sheet rock, taping, minor carpentry skills, with minor cleanup.

In essence, just tell me what you have, what you can do, and I'm sure we can come to an agreement on something...I'm selling a car for $4000, and I just want something that I can use or have thats in the same price range. Foreign banks with Nigerian ties to Swedish royalty need not apply.
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