F/s tan GSR coup leather (not stolen

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98 GSR 2 doortan leather NOT STOLEN (paid $600 6 months ago)$500
98 ITR flywheel (3lbs. lighter than B16)$125
98 ITR P73 5speed ecu $300
91 Si comp. $125
91 Si distributer $100
91 Si trans $250
4- 91 fuel injectors $20 each
P28's $100
95 Ex coup for salvage
91 hf CRX for salvage
Hey i was wondering if you willing to sell that Honda CRX for $500? Is it driveable? I'm willing to travel! So let me know. I'm from oakland,california. Where are you from? And how much would you sell your Honda Civic for? And where are you from? My email is H2Rii@yahoo.com or AKirazian@yahoo.com Please let me know! I'm interested.
The Ex coup has a engine but no harness or ex trans, but I have a DX trans
the hf has no motor , just trans( really picked over)
It has :dash, left headlight, suspension, never wreaked, steering colom (TILT) 14" OLDSCHOOL Rotas, r/l mirrors, hatch, rear panels, center plastic on tail light section, rear suspenion,window mechs. THATS it! the rest is so rusted that the rear bumper was laying on the ground where it had fallen off from rust, when I picked it up.
The ex motor I will sell for $900 WHen FRESH OVERHAUL is complete
I never sell a motor anymore that is not rebuilt to my standards!
where are you located and do you still have the crx shell??