F22 Vtec, Usdm

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Senior Member
I have a 94 usdm f22 vtec motor in my accord right now that i would like to sell in aid to funding my h22 project, i was jst curious as to what its worth and if there was anyone interested any info is appreciated
I think this is probably the most common engine out there. an F22 is worth more in pieces than it is whole. I've seen complete engine/tranny/accessories for like $400-500 with almost no mileage.

Sorry dude...the exchange rate for an H22 is bad. I want one too, but to ask around you would think I was looking for a Ferrari V12. H22s are majorly inflated due to the hybrid craze right now, but they are the easiest way to get 50-60 more 'reliable' bolt-in hp.

It isn't worth much as a whole. To give you an idea, I got rid of mine for $800 shipped. That was alot less then I thought I could get rid of it when I first did my swap.
None of these replies sound all that bad cause i was only looking to get about 6 or 700 out of it so if that sounds at all right let me know it has 108,000 on it as well i would gladly take 650 so if u know anyone whos interested let me know as well