F22b Into A 90 Accord

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Senior Member
Okay guys, I am having the hardest time trying to find the right Integra so now I am considering keeping the Accord and doing a swap. I happen to have an Automatic so I don't want to go Vtec with an auto tranny. I may change it over to manual if I go through with this project though. To get to the story I want to put an F22B in there which should be pretty much a cake walk. I want to know if there are any companies out there that make turbos for this engine. I talked to the guy with the motor and he said that it is JDM and it should take all the same parts as a USDM H23. Does anyone know if this is true?

If I understand it correctly, the JDM F22B is a DOHC non-VTEC, making about 150 horses at the flywheel. If that's all true, most parts for an H23 should work just fine in there. You should get some bore and stroke numbers and see how they match up with an H23, to see what kind of H23 internals you can run in that F-series.