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Junior Member
I know I'm going to get critisized for this but....I'm thinking of swapping a f22b into my 91 accord lx which has a f22a4 in it. I was wondering what ecu I would need for this, and also what parts I wouldn't be able to switch over from my old engine to the new? (in other words what else do I need to buy?) I know I should be saving for a h22, but that just seems like what everyone else is doing. Also, is there a possibility for a transmission swap onto the f22b with a 5sp lsd? What code is it?


WRX Sellout
Ummm, "everyone else is doing it" because it's about the best swap you can hope for in an Accord. :) Seriously though, you'll notice the extra money you spent on the H22. I'd recommend it, unless you can find an F22B dirt cheap.

To answer your other question....F and H transmissions are almost fully interchangeable. Sometimes, you've got to monkey with a stud here or there, but for the most part, an M2B4 transmission will mate up to any F block.