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i' swaped a b16a2 99 civic si into a 92 civic hatc si... i used my harness and all ... and i use the b16 fan ... the wire plugs in but the fan doesn't work... what seems to be the problem?
did you check fuses?, also follow the wiring from the fan and check for cuts or anything like that. relay could be a problem too.
How long were you running the newly installed motor for? Right after you start, idle your car until it reaches normal operating temperature meanwhile bleeding out any excess air trapped in your engine. Once that is completed, if nothing is presumably wrong with your installation, the fan should come on. To verify if your fan motor works or not, directly inject 12v from your battery to the 2 pins on the fan motor side. If it do come on, then your problem lies somewhere on the harness side (e.g., fuse, or connection). It's really a simple procedure, but you have to do it a step at a time. Follow the top list and let us know how it went. Hope this helps...
I had this prob on my Z6 last summer.....I checked EVERYTHING and couldn't get the fan to come on...I flushed the radiator, replaced the thermostat, jumped the fan-which came right on....Turned out to be a bad temp. control switch mounted near the upper rad. hose conn. on the motor(at least the z6 anyways)'s a longshot, but worth a try....

I've heard of this prob alot on electric fans the answer I have always been given is to take the switch out and connect the wires so that when you turn on the car the fan runs non-stop until you turn the car off.

anybody please correct me if I'm wrong I'm going off memory which isn't so great these days :beer: :beer: :beer: