Farewell MY CRX. Toasted

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I lent my CRX to my brother who need to drive to a city that is about 80 miles away and back. I say sure. On his way home he is like " Your car is running like crap" I already knew that. Little did I know...

...video of the crapiness

I knew it was coming.

BTW the host is slow for that video

The car sort of laughs at me at the end. Speaking out its intake manifold.

And incase you were wondering the throttle is floored from the start
Probably. I think it needed oil before he left and then didn't get any till 100 miles later. He was probably reving it to high.. I tell him keep it under 3k
Well I am definatly in the market for a car, as tonight I just had to burn 12 hours personal time and that just gives me 24 hours to find a car before tommarrow's work day starts
Because it will take time to locate another engine. by the time i get it and swap I will have just wasted money that I could have used for a real swap like a b18.
Originally posted by erikespo@Sep 3 2005, 06:37 PM
Because it will take time to locate another engine.  by the time i get it and swap I will have just wasted money that I could have used for a real swap like a b18.
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well...I sell you mines....

Edit: Its a obd1 b18b by the way...I will hook you up with the gsr tranny because the one there is auto...<---But thats going to cost you....a little more..
Originally posted by erikespo@Sep 3 2005, 07:05 PM
And and in the video the throttle is floored
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wow ,,,hey i forgot to pm you..lol
Make me an offer.... PM'ed you with my number,.....
Originally posted by wanderinman@Sep 3 2005, 06:50 PM
Holy shit, it really did laugh at you... I say keep it, any car with that much personality deserves another chance!
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Your timing slipped a tooth. IF you manage to run the car like that, I'm willing to bet the pipes will get RED hot in about 25 seconds.\

I wouldn't say it's "replace the engine" time, unless your valves are gone too. Or, unless you have a swap in mind :)

-> Steve

I've had two engines slip a tooth the past 12 months - One, I built with the timing off (Ooops) and the other because the timing belt went. The Civic (WithDPFI) even looked and sounded like your video.
I adjusted the belt 2 teeth backward. (toward the firewall).. it seemed to help but very little (I could rev it to a max of 3) but then wouldn't again start. so I put it 2 teeth forward to it original spot and i could do the same (rev it to 3k) but it sputters and dies. So I don't think it is a cam timing issue.. sounds more like ignition or something.
Whenever a timing belt slips on it's own accord, then you can expect that the cam gear has moved FORWARD (So that the belt itself is retarded hopelessly backward).

Move it 1 tooth forward, not 2. Or, if you want to stop futzing around, remove the wheel, plastic cover, and actually USE the timing guides found in the engine pulleys and repair manuals.

All of this is well worth the effort - Take your time and start simple. Inspect the distributor input shaft (The keys can break off) (Although, it wouldn't start if BOTH keys were off) (My Civic a while ago had one key broken, and it was shift all around), then remove the cover and lash the valves (What I'm doing for the rest of the day today) and then work over to the cam gear. You'll be done with this in no time.

-> Steve