Feeding audio signal from laptop to Sony HU

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I need to know how to feed audio input through the RCA jacks labeled Bus Audio In on the back of my head unit. I am trying to play MP3's from my laptop to my stereo. Does anyone know what I need to make this work? I have already tried simply feeding a 1/8" to RAC plug from the laptop to the Head Unit and I cannot find how to make the stereo listen to the aux input.
you need to select another source...the best/easiest way is to buy a cheap mp3 player with a memory card slot and play it from there through the rca...but through the lap top i have no idea....
What difference doe it make if the Head Unit is recieving a signal from an MP3 player or a laptop? They both playout through an 1/8" stereo jack. The problem is I need to fool my HU into thinking there is a CD changer there and I do not know how.
okay goto walmart. goto the car audio section. there is this thing there that plugs into your car lighter. you can plug a usb pen drive into it or a headphone jack for other audio. this thing then transmits whatever is going into it to a radio station. tune in the radio station and your done.............Better yet READ THE BOOK! if it doesnt tell you how to in there then you cant.
Feeding over FM is a hack and doesn't work well in areas with a bunch of FM radio stations. Which book are you talking about?
My JVC was the same way... somewhere in the settings for the HU there should be a menu that will allow you to change the input from changer to aux in. It was in the same place where you'd set the clock and change the frequency range from USA to EUR. I say just look around, there should be a way to change it.
I wish it was that easy. According to Sony there is no way to accept Aux Stereo input with that model. So it was old and time to upgrade so I purchased a deck that specifically said it took auxillary stereo input and everything works fine.