Few things still for sale


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I've got:
-d16z6 tranny from my sohc motor- 100k when pulled, goes into gear smoothly, but i never drove it- $150 shipping obo

-90-91 prelude si tranny 88k on it, no grinds- best offer

-b series shift linkage- $110 shipped

-A/C compressor and power steering assembly from a 95 b18c- best offer

-random d series parts, including a stock flywheel, some intake parts, wiper arms, completely rear interior panels minus back seat- don't know why anyone would want this shit, but make an offer

most of the regulars know me and i've sold a few things here and there- my ebay feedback is flawless you can get that if you want Slammed90lude is my name over there too- I'm located in Milford, PA


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haha yeah, my dumbass bought those before I ordered my complete changeover from hmotors, of course they including that with the swap along with the mounts, ecu, etc- So now i have your set of linkage hanging around


thanks cameron :)