First Civic, Did I Do Okay On Price?

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First post and newbie to the Civic world.

Finishing up the deal to pickup my first Civic this weekend.

I picked up a 1996 Civic CX hatchback, with ~130k miles, auto and A/C in okay running condition. Body is moderate (fair) with a few scratches (no rust). Compression test shows one cylinder is weak (~120psi) so motor probably needs to be replaced but already thinking about swap.

Seller and I agree on $5000 CDN (~$3100USD) for the car, passes emissions and will probably safety. Did I get a good price?

Also should I swap for another low mileage CX motor or go for a buddies prelude motor?

P.S. I wanted auto tranny so my mom could use the car to get groceries once in a while. Really my project/toy car that I will slightly mod as I already own a Supercharged Vette.
the auto part kinda suck mang... it makes swaping harder. price is cheap! maybe you can swap in a auto integra motor.
two or three things bad with honda automatics other then being boring to drive

1. They engines that are hooked up to autos have shitty cams (not agressive at all)
2. The gearing in the trannys suck
3. The automatic steals your power, blocks it from getting to the wheels.

Teach your mom to drive a standard and do an automatic to manual conversion.
I would definitely say that is a decent price for the year it is. I would get a b18 from an integra as 92Civic said. Make sure you get either the b18a or b18b since you want to stick with the auto tranny. Vtec and auto's don't mesh well together IMO.

Peace* :D
Thanks all for the response.

I also had a grab at a '95 HB last week for the same price, same moderate condition with same mileage but the motor tested okay (~170-180psi). It was a 5speed and had a couple of mods on it. Had to turn it down because I couldn't justify another project car to my wife. At least with the auto tranny I hope she thinks it's the daily driver.

P.S. If I do the prelude or hi-po swap, I'll probably do a tranny change.
i say for the price you getting it at is hella good. i looked in the paper here today and seen 1996 Civics selling for about $5,500-6,500 USD. as far as motors go, i would get an Integra motor and drop in it instead. lets just say it would be hella easier and cheaper to do ;)