Flash Flash Revolution

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Flash Flash Revolution

Have Fun.

May not be work safe, unless you're really sneaky.
Doesn't have a PrOn or anything, just a flash game based off you're local DDR machine.
Addictive as coke.
to hard and kinda dumb

my best (played for like 5 minutes) was 12 combos score of 1115 and a total of 5465
Originally posted by mrblk@Jan 6 2003, 04:26 PM
heh, thanks hexen, i was looking for something to kill my productivity

this site already does it for me, i am trying to write a big paper on environmentaly freindly vechiles past present and future and with this site, it is just not happen.
Man. I got a 90 combo on the mario stage.. but thats only 2 bars of difficulty.

Working my way up =) The link stage is hard heh.
woohoo 19 combo and 20k points..heh i need to practice, i will play mario next, i was playing terror from beyond
got to the second verse on the zelda theme, cool lyrics. Well at least better then YATTA!!!!!!. Check out the FF7 y0! Can you pass the meth plz??
I got like a 126 combo on the mario stage.

And 100 on the Terror from Beyond.

Try the clasical stage, its crazy. Make sure you look at the difficulty bar, there's a couple easy ones.
Good find...thanks! I wish they would make this for the PS2. Frequency is also another good game to check out on the PS2 if you're into these.