Flatbed Shipping!>?

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okay i searched and i can't find the thread...

someone posted a website that does flatbed shipping and cost 89 dollars for a swap to be shipped... anyone remember that site/?



cost to ship my swap- $421
sending it prepaid, then chanign your mind, and going COD
askign how much i owe when the motor shows up at my house- "nothing, it was pre-paid"
asking again, "are you sure"?
free :lol:


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someone mentioned a place that charged 89 to ship an engine...
that place was ridiculously priced.. but cool that you got it free!!


88 C1V1C 53D4N DR1V3R
"son of a _____!!!! i think they shipped my motor to you by accident B!" i'll pm gonna send you my addy so we can get this all cleared up.

haha j/p nice work.


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Eric from Hybrid Rev. told me it was like 180 or something becuase I have a loading dock/forklift, but couldn't they send it via truck freight for 95.00?