For All You Comp Sci Majors And Employees

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1.Sometimes computers are for fun and entertainment (games, dvd, mp3) sometimes they are just tools (accounting, billing, inventory control.) Should your payroll literally sing?

2.If you want to build a car would you rather have a committee of 1,000 who have all been for a ride or Enzo Ferrari?

3.Design is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. But, without inspiration all you'll get is salty water.

4.If you don't know where you're going, You'll almost never get there.

5."I'll know it when I see it" literally means, "I don't have a clue."

6.If you don't understand something, explain it in acronyms.

7.Acronyms are for people with good memories and bad minds.

8.Depth perception, That's the ability to predict where the balloon will pop out When you poke in 'here'.

9.Fragile is a twenty first century word for fubar, also a synonym for snafu.

10.Only when it works can you worry about innovation, elegance and beauty.

11.Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Bill Gates is wrong.

12.Programs should read like novels, bad novels, with no surprises, obvious plot lines, annoyingly redundant phrasing and no need to look up the big words.

13.Do 100 things 1 way and they all work. Do 1 thing 100 ways and you still have 99 things to do.

14.You got to build it backwards. If you start with inputs you have to guess at the outputs. If you start with the outputs, the inputs are obvious.

15.Resist changing your mind, even when you're wrong. A better way may not be the best way unless the way you're committed won't work at all.

16.You can never finish one, but there are benchmarks along the way.

17.IF you're looking for someone with the right attitude to do testing, try the programmer's Ex wife.

18.If you test the edges, the middle will take care of itself.

19.Saving milliseconds often costs hours.

20.Think hard to find an easy way to do it. Not a new way, but a familiar way you've done it 1,000 times before.

21.If it's not obvious, It's not right.

22.No problem is hard to solve, if you've already solved it once (Hell if anybody has solved it once.)

23.If you need to drive a nail, put away your screwdriver even if it's an elegant and wonderful screwdriver, and get out your hammer.


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reading those just reminded my of what my dad keeps telling me what he does at his job, he is a Project Management consultant. many of those work in regular day to day happenings too