For Sale 94 Civic DX,5 spd (Hatch Back)

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1994 Civic DX,5 sdp, Hatch Back for sale, it has a 137,000 miles on it, brand new axles, runs perfect, white, new black hood and right fender cause it had dents in it. Bone Stock. :worthy:. I live in Clearwater FL. if u live around u r more then welcome to come look at the car. i bought it so i could slowly slowly build the car. but i am in the national guard and got activated to homeland defense so now i have no intention of doing this project. i bought it for $2700 and am willing to let it go for that much. though i have fixed alot of stuff in it. axles and a bunch of other things.
if interested please email me back. (727-692-9253) Fahad Kharbey