For Sale: Bare B18a Block

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Lowering Price to $290 for everything shipped!

I was told all parts have around 105k miles on them. Motor was running before it was disassembled

I have for sale a b18a block good condition with crankshaft, and oil pan for $200 + Shipping. OR Best Offer.

Also I have ls pistons, and rods for $50

Was going to be used for ls\vtec but decided to go with ITR instead.

paypal, Money order, cashiers check, or cash, maybee personal check

Paypal payment will go to

Here is the link for the pics:
Engine Block Pictures

Im located in Waynesboro, Virginia, zip code 22980
It would be around $15 in shipping for the rods and pistons. And around 85 to ship the block
I will sell the pistons and rods for $50. Im guessing shipping will be around $15
Originally posted by Integra17@Feb 24 2003, 12:13 PM
Do you know if the b18a is basically the same as the b18b block?

Yes, except the b18a is obd0 and isnt worth wiring for obd1 (b18b).. if you were going to use it in a obd1 car. The only different is the cams and MAYBE the IM.. i said MAYBE :)

Stick b18b cams in a b18a and have around same numbers

btw... bump.... bump bump!
Only half of the B18A1's produced are OBD0. The 92 & 93 Integras(OBD1) came with a B18A1. It was more powerful than the 90-91 and less than the 94+