For Sale: Fully Built Jdm B16 Head

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Fully Built 1992 JDM B16 Head:
springs, retainers, intake type r valves, port and polish, very low miles
Head was on an LS/VTEC that ran 12.8 at moroso, FL
$1,500 OBO

Also have a B16A2 99 SI Bare block & cranck for $500

If interested email me at:
hey i'm interested in the b16a2 bare block...Where do you live? Sd, Cali here. Maybe we can meet up and i can check it out. $500 sounds fair to me.
I am located in Miami Florida. I would have to ship the block UPS ground to you. I accept paypal and any other major credit card through my business (not engine related though). I have sold a couple of motors already...references upon request. Thanks.
have U still got the head?
oil channel plugged and vtec fitting in?