For Sale: Nike Jacket

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alright, this is not your usual for sale thread, but i'm putting my jacket on ebay...thought i'd offer it to the locals first.

its a nike ACG STORM FIT jacket. this is not your typical bullshit nike jacket that you can buy at the mall's around here, its a very good jacket intended for rock climbing and skiing in extreme weather conditions. it also makes a very nice rain-coat, as its just a shell. nike fleece will zip into this, and its a men's medium. (nike clothing runs very large, and this coat is big on me and i'm 5'9, 170.)

the jacket was purchased two years ago for around 375 dollars, although i haven't had much of a chance to wear it lately because i'm now in florida. anyway, if someone is interested...let me know.

175.00 plus shipping.



i accept paypal, money orders, etc. is my email/paypal...
Originally posted by chet@Jan 8 2003, 02:23 PM
... this is not your typical bullshit nike jacket

;) :blink: :lol: :D

Truefully, the new jackets companys are making are sweet, my Columbia that i got keeps me nice and warm on the slopes but the thing is bascily like that shell and a thick fleece iner shell. It is light as hell compared to my old columbia.
this jacket is comparably to jackets made by marmot, the north face and mountain hardware.