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I didnt think to post this until earlier today. Its a custom (selfbuilt) water injection system. Its written for DSMs, but it works on anything. Don't be affraid, its complicated but shouldnt take that long to build. If your retarding your timing or just want cooler temps, check it, itll be worth your time.
hope this helps some of you out.
Same theory as injecting NOS, I'm just wondering why they inject it before the throttle body and not at the intake's individual port. Time consuming or it just won't work? What kind of hp gain is this suppose to give out? Really though, is it worth it and have any one member tried this on their Honda yet? I'd like to know. Have you heterosapian???
Injecting water into an engine’s combustion chambers can result in severe engine damage if not done properly.

The way i see it- if you have problems with detonation then you arent tuning it right or you have a shitty intercooler. At the point where water injection would be beneficial is at high psi, in which case you probably already have a stand alone and a built block, then you can just tune the detonation out :)
i have read else where that you can have up to a 40% mix w/ water injection. i have heard of them running it on EVO rally cars. those cars were only pushing around 300 hp, but it allowed them to burn more efficiently. however water injection also increased hydro-carbon emissions and would not be legal for street. i will try to find the link.

i guess water injestion was originally used for huge turbine engines on airliners. that is where the technology originated.

just my $0.02
My boy runs this on his conquest. That sucker will cool your shit down big time. We use windshield washer fluid instead of water, the ww fluid is 50/50 distiled water and alcohol with like .001% blue dye so the alcohol wont catch on fire so easily in aqn accident and the water wont freze, not to mention the fact that alcohol works wonders for cooling purposes. Its not meant to bolt on and increase performance per say (though it does), its a detonation safety. Runnin h2o injection alows you to run leaner or advance the timing or even crank the boost far beyond the point you could without it. And I think its at the tb because it gets to atomize a bit more before reaching the combustion chamber. N2O is a completely different concept. N2O allows for more oxygen in the mix, H2O cools down the mix substantially. Quite a few people have their nos primer and h2o injection on the same toggle so they can run big sprays on the street without melting something.
Originally posted by saturn_boy96@Feb 24 2003, 04:54 PM
i guess water injestion was originally used for huge turbine engines on airliners. that is where the technology originated.

just my $0.02

Water injection origionated in internal combustion engines in high altitude aircraft, specifically ones with turbochargers or power recovery turbines. The increased density of the exhaust gasses against the thin atmosphere made the turbines much more effective. Water injection found its way into jet propulsion for the same reason. At high altitude, the dense moist gasses from the turbine against the thin dry air makes for more thrust. Since the advent of the high by-pass turbofan engines, water injection is being used less and less in aviation, mostly in older turbine engines.

just my $0.02