FR Oxygen Sensor Rusted

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On my 98 DX I have a rusted RR & FR 0xygen sensors. How can I get these out. I have tried and I am just rounding the bolt. Help!!!???
Have you tried Krol oil - works great put some on - let it soak for a few hours then try again. Are you using an open end wrench?? If so use a box or a six point socket.
kroil kicks ass. spray abit on, and use a small hammer to gently tap the O2 sensor. the oil will work it's way into the threads. it'll take some time but it should come out.
another way is to heat the area with a torch that puppy should come out with ease
I'll try the oil tomorrow. I took all the bolts off of my exhust manifold and catalitic converter then I couldn't get the sensors off so I put everything back on. Now, I don't know what the hell I did but I am running hot and my radiator fan will not turn on. I only run hot idoling. Any answers to my problems??????
Well my radiator cap had come off. I don't know if I had loosened it or what b/c I had my tools laying around it and on it. Then when the car heated up it could have come off. I know for a fact that I only touch my oxygen sensors. At one point yesterday I was idoling at 600 rpms. Now I am idoling at around 900 which is normal. This morning when I took my g/f to work I let the car sit and the temp gauge did not really move. But I also didn't run it long because she works down the street. I will let you know later if it is still doing it. I am putting on a new header today and CAI. Maybe I figure out something.
Maybe you have a bubble in the system. Did you try bleeding the system?
it was a bubble in the system. Its all working fine now. I have a new problem. I changed my oil saturday. I used four qts of syntec blend. This is the first time I've tried this. Now if my car sits for around 30 minutes I have a knocking sound like when your car is out of oil. But as soon as I drive the car a very short distance like around 1000 ft. the sound stops. Can you help me???
Syntec is not my favorite kind of oil. But do you mean that you let the car idle for 30 minutes before the sound happens?? What is the viscosity 5w-30 etc? Did you change that??
When I first started the car this morning it started making that sound. Then everytime I go somewhere and let the car sit (not running) for around 30 min, the next time I start the car the sound comes back until it basically warms up again. I did not change the viscosity, its still 5w-30. I am thinking about going back to the oil I was using before maybe another oil change with the old oil might do it, what do you think??
I'd switch brands in a hurry if I were you. Go back to what you were using or go full synthetic (not castrol)