Fresh Swap, and Engine won't start/crank at all.

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D16Z6 OBDI manual was swapped in place of a D15B7 Auto. Now my car won't start, it won't even try to crank/turn.
All electronics seem to power up. The battery/Alt were perfect when the old engine was in.

throwing Code 22 which has to do with the VTEC solenoid.

I had the Starter tested and it Failed, passed, failed, passed, passed, passed. So I don't know about that. Bad Ground?

I checked all fuses. Only one 7.5Amp in the engine bay was bad.

I can turn the crankpulley by hand.

I have no electricals attached to the clutch pedal, because my car Was Automatic. Shouldn't it just be no clutch start, or could that be the problem?

Any ideas?

Thanks for you help in advance. I appreciate it!
Are you using a manual trans ecu? if you are using the auto one you won't need to press the pedal, but you would get an auto trans related code. If you are using the manual ecu, which you should be, it is going to look for the clutch pedal being depressed. there may be a connector back by your pedals which till now has been unused, but should go to the switch on the clutch pedal assembly. (thats how it was for my mustang anyway). now if its anything like my car was, the connector was bypassed to begin with and if you leave it as is you should be able to start the car without pressing in the clutch. this is of course all theoretical since a mustang is like the exact opposite of a honda lol. just trying to give you some pointers of what you might check out. If i'm to assume you are using the manual ecu, that would explain why it does absolutely nothing while your trying to start it. so you need to figure out how to either hook up, or bypass the switch. this is me making the assumption you have the wiring right though. if something is majorly fubared up with the starter/batt/fusebox wiring, then that also could cause a no start/no crank condition.
Awesome feedback, thanks.
I Am using the correct Manual ECU.
I just talked with my bro who did the Exact same swap. Because I'm swapping from auto to manual, there apparently is a connector under the center console that needs to be bypassed. The car basically thinks its in gear somehow, so it won't allow me to start it.
I jumped the starter with a screw driver and the car fired right up, so we can rule out a bad starter. My bro said jumping the specific connectors should fix the problem.
I'll go see what I can do, and let you guys know.
Thanks for the feedback.
the solution was bridging two wires under the center consul. It was the two biggest black ones. So now this problem is fixed! Thanks guys.
i have the same problem i went from auto to stand and i have mine riged up on a push button. which wires did u jump and are they plugged into anything
of the three plugs that are left from under the center console, I only used the biggest.
I took the other half of the plug that went to the auto stick thing and plugged it in to the half remaining in the car. I cut all of the wires about 3" out.
The two wires I jumped together were the two biggest black wires. There was a big procedure I went through to make sure it would only engage the starter when the ignition was All the way on, but i think i have it right. I connected them, and electrical tapped them.
There was another set that worked but it smoked when left together, so I would assume using a button on those ones would work the same way, but you'd get a button start out of it. It was one of the black wires, and a yellow(i think) wire.

Did you do any kind of ground? I believe we are supposed to, but mine works fine without it.

So I jumped the two biggest black wires.
They are permanently plugged into each other, and nothing else.