From D16Y8 to H22A


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I am wanting to purchase a H22A motor for my 96 civic. My transmission has 292000 mile, is grinding in 3rd (rarely) and I have a problem shifting down, I usually just get stuck in neutral (once or twice every two weeks). I don't think thats too bad for the miles but I just want to swap it out completely.
Here is what the H22A comes with
» Jdm motor
» Jdm transmission
» Distributor, Jdm ECU
» Complete Intake Manifold
» Alternator
» A/C Power Steering Pump
» All Brackets and Sensors

I know about the axles and ekh1 mountings. What else is there.
Looking to get started within the next month.


if the motor only has 90K then why not just swap in a d series tranny, and get a limited slip installed while you;re at it...

you're also gonna need an accord/prelude shifter(in car) and the shifter cables...

i suggest you check for the motors, everyone says they are the best source...

and check and look at the mount kit instructions for a better idea of whats entailed in this swap...