Front Bumper Brace

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SInce the wreck, I need a new front brace ( the big metal piece that goes behind the bumper ). I can get a new one from Honda for 125 bucs. Now the CTR uses a different one ( picture below ) for like 100 shipped, but I dont think it uses the styrofoam padding. Is it worth the saving of 25 bucs to get the JDM part without the foam? Should I get it just cause its 25 bucs cheaper and its JDM? Is it worth the weight savings for on the track time? Thanks..

yeah I would just get a buimper support from a yard or something. I mean I was quoted on mine for 100 at U FIX It honda here in Washington. I just scrapped the styrofoam which I regret but oh well. The support it self is real simple, 4 bolts on both sides and you get the shock absorbers. 125 wouldnt' be bad though from a dealer. Its all up to you.
I don't even know what the styrofoam insert does, when I put my CAI intake in, I needed to get somewhere asap, so I just threw the bumper back on. I thought it was make the bumper shake/rattle, but nothing so far--weight reduction, y0!
Originally posted by casper@Feb 24 2003, 10:24 PM

that is one nice front end. Anyone know what kind of strut bar that is.

I would check with you local officals to see if the styrofoam is neccsesary. If not, the JDM one sould be fine but if you get into a small fender bender, your going to have a cracked bumper because that styrofoam acts as an abosrobant to the shock in small crashes. The weight is not going to be that much of a diffrance
My vote would be for the stock kind, rather than the JDM kind. From what I know about other countries (not any in specific tho) some countries have lower crash standards. You at least know the crash standards for the US pieces. Maybe you should try scrounging up some info on the crush-ability of the JDM part versus the USDM part...

just my .02
Track only? JDM.

Street use? USDM. Your safety and the extra .1 seconds you gain in the quarter aren't worth your safety. Our Civics are thin enough tin cans already- don't weaken the crash structure on purpose, especially not up front.