Frozen Bolts

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ok i have a 93 del sol with areound 101k on it so as you can imagine it has alot of rust and such.I was installing some coilovers and i got teh left side down. I started on the right and all was going well, i started to try to loosed the nut that hold the wishbone onto the strut and it wont budge!! i keep trying but in my effort i start to round off the bolt, so i stop. Also in the back a couple of the bolts are frozen what do i need to do. And also what do i do if i strip one how will i get it off. Guys i need you help cuz i dont think that driving around with only the left front lowered is that good or safe
The same thing happened to me. On both of the rear control arms the bolts were frozen. I worked the drivers side loose with ALOT of Wd-40 and a 3 ft. cheater bar. The passenger side however ended up being a real pain. I broke the head off the bolt and mushroomed it trying to beat it out. Eventually I just dropped the control arm and had the bushing pushed out and a new bushing re-pressed in it's place. I was not all that expensive I think i paid like 20 dollars at the dealership because, I could not find a auto parts store that could get anything like that.