[FS:]1990 Civic LX 4door (parts car)

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Well i'm on my way to move the rest of my stuff out to california and need to make some room. It runs, ok. it's ugly, but it has alot of good things about it that make it a viable parts bucket. I'm selling it complete...not part by part.


actual body shell is pretty straight, no serious visible body damage. It has p/w p/l...not sure the power mirrors work still though. all the A/C parts...but no air. power steering, and a 5-speed. It has brand new tires....really really new tires to be exact, really all i'm asking $250 just to pay for the new skins.
it's in Valencia California (in L.A.) and no i won't drive it or deliver, you must come and get it, sorry. It has a salvaged title and therefore really isn't much more than as a parts car. The Engine i think has a blown head gasket.

It's an decent car really and was going to be a project, but i don't have time or money for it right now. could make a good project if you dare or a great parts car to swap over LX trim stuff to your DX or base model EF's.

i'll be out of town till Thursday of next week, but if you want it drop me an e-mail at: jammit2k@yahoo.com....NOT IN THIS FORUM PLEASE I'll be checking my e-mail on the road not the forum. and i'll send you my phone number and we can set up a time you can come look at it. I'll get pics up when i return.