FS 1994 Civic EX Coupe B18b LS Swap - lots extra - Project

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First of all, we're all Honda guys here and I'm sure if you're reading this you'll know what kind of head start you have in building a gnarly turbo coupe with this project. Basically ready to go and be finished with a turbo and pistons over the weekend plus some other basic things for it's age. Paint isn't great but leaves it open to being finished any color you want. I'd say the car is like 70% done and is ready to be finished out however you want. Alot of extra's in this car, but I just don't have the time or money to finish. Drivable to get it to the shop you want to finish it at, but needs to be tuned. (I'd definately trailer it to be safe.) I had it set up with high compression and an older MSD that ended up quiting, so it's not getting enough spark at the moment. It runs, just a little rough, so I've had it parked. It's meant to be turbo'd and needs some low compression pistons and a turbo kit, but all the supporting mods are there for it. I'm in Daytona Beach, Florida and will work the best I can with the buyer to have the car shipped or trailered, but you'll have to arrange everything.

1994 Civic EX Coupe B18b LS swap
-LS 5 speed w/ aftermarket 250hp clutch
-Eagle Rods
-Eagle Knife Edge crank
-Nippon Racing 11.5:1 compression pistons
-Walboro 255lph Fuel pump
-Rear Integra Disc brake upgrade
-Hi-low HID's 8000k, amazing profile at night
-JDM Foglights (One needs new bulb)
-Steel JDM Type R Fenders
-NGK Iridium spark plugs
-Cold air intake
-4to1 header
-2.5" exhaust (Deeper exhaust note)
-Adjustable cam gears
-Stiff lowering springs (Low for being on springs)
-Godspeed Aluminum radiator
-Blackworks Radiator hoses
-Wired for system. Headunit, 1000w amp, 15 inch sub in trunk. (cracked)
-16 inch black with chrome lip wheels. (Beat up from stiff springs and daily drive)
-2 nearly new Khumo's on the front, 2 nearly new Falken's on the back. 90+%
-Front and rear lips
-M3 style spoiler
-M3 style side mirrors
-Stock interior but in great shape for age

It needs paint, there's two tiny spots of rust that's normal on these cars. Nothing has been detailed or polished because it's still in the build stage. I do everything *important* first. It's a perfect car to pick up and finish in a weekend if you have the extra bit of money and be cruising a monster on monday. All the big stuff is done except the final step into forced induction. Finish it *your* way. There's so much more in this car than what I'm getting for it, and anybody that knows these cars will know that. It's a perfect headstart for someone that wants to build a gnarly civic.

Asking $4000obo. No trades. No games. Cash only. You can't even get a nice stocker for that price. Parts and swap alone were more. Go to a reputable shop and they'll quote you about $4k if they get the motor/tranny for a swap.

More pictures here, pass is 'egcoupe' : Civic Photos by nekoniko | Photobucket
Price reduced to $3000. Car is a steal for the money. Parts alone are more than that. Rods and crank were $1500 by themselves. Motor/tranny and swap were over $2000. Wired up for a system, sounds great. HID's with Hi/Lo professional install. Brand new tires all around. Tranny is perfect.

Hit me up and let's talk. I just don't have the money to finish it. Realistically, it just needs some new pistons to run normal again. You can get a stock set for ultra cheap and drive it like it is until you can turbo it. But you can't run low compression pistons without the turbo. I'm losing my ass on this deal, so come take advantage.
I'm in Daytona Beach, Florida. The car should be towed anyway, so shipping should be done anyway. Basically, it should be around $1000 to ship all the way from Florida to California. So it'd be less compared to where ever you may be. You can get quotes from different shipping companies, but just pop on eBay and look up a Civic on there and look at the quotes they give you to ship. It's like 5 different companies they use, one being super cheap. Otherwise, you have to email them and they email you back.