FS 2!! spotless ef's

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FS spotless ef

89 honda civic hatchback 4 speed with 98k on it. it has crx dash and door panels, rear disc conversion with megan LCA's. it has tenzo r racing seats in it now. i have 89 si seats the drivers side it riped but the pass side is good also have 91 si seats which are mint along with the back seats. got a set of si rims and crx si rims. a 5 speed crx si tranny it has agx kyb struts all around rear strut bars upper and lower
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i wolnt be able to put pics till the weekend unless spmeone can post them for me i can send them to your email or cell phone. but i cant get pics of the 91 cause its at a buddys house just bought it for parts for my car. oh ya my car is evo 8 blue with a black roof and hood it has crx dash and door panels, rear disc conversion megan lca's tenzo r seats i took the seats out of the 91 but they dont fit in my car so i got some 89 si seats to swap the rails with the nice seats. the 91 is all stock and its teal and a dx model. akron ohio also thanks
Willing to sell anything off either of them? Id like to come check them out if possible.
well the 91 is just a parts car what do you want to see off them? the 89 is my DD im trying to sell them to buy a crx
I wouldnt mind getting the LCAs and the seats if your willing to sell them. :dunno:






bump!! it is really clean even the whole bottom it has i think its the origional undercoating in it. and the seats the 89 si's the pass. seat is ment but the driver side is pretty bad lol. the 91 si's are mint i even have the back to match them. and i have the crx si trans that goes along with the car
ok heres the deal im trying to sell my car to buy my buddys crx so if someone wants it ill let it go for 2500 only if some one gets it by next friday. i know some one wants a CLEAN 89 hatch with a nice paint job
i forgot it has agx kyb's all around but the rear 2 are starting to make noise so i got 4 newer kyb's that ill through in
i have a 86 s10 4x4 blazer 5 speed with hurst shifter lowered 2 inchs leather seats 107xxx miles with stock wheels and new tires and also a set of brand new 20s with brand new tires would you trade with the si wheels and car im located in Fort Wayne Indiana and am willing to come pick it up respond either way, may have cash, call my cell my names travis, 260-750-0316 thanks buddy