FS: 92-00 civic stainless steel headers

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they are arospeed stainless steel headers. they have only been used since july and are in perfect condition. the headers have two holes for the o2 sensors, if you only have one o2 sensor, there is a plug for the other hole.
asking $175 obo. i'm in texas. let me know if anyone is interested.

don't have a v6 under the hood of my civic, but i have a v8 under the hood of my 00 mustang GT. :lol:

you can get the arospeed header for 199 new(why would anyone waste there money on i dont know) you should take like 75 more dollars off the price and post it up on a ricer site... u can find bunch of them on superhonda voting thing!
price needs to come down, but the doesnt the Arospeed "header" have the same flow rates as the DC sports.
Flow rates dont really matter with a header. The length of the primary and secondary runners really matter! The lenghts have to be perfect for each exhaust pulse to be timed perfectly. As one pushes another out at the same time one has to help pull another pulse through. This matters more on your 4-2-1 header than the 4-1's!
show me where you can get the arospeed STAINLESS STEEL HEADER for $199. i've seen them as high as $324 and the lowest i've seen them is for $299 or maybe $289. these are the headers that change colors when they get real hot, not the black coated ones.

Fix Or Repair Daily :rolleyes: = some stupid old saying thats not even funny anymore. i've had my mustang for 2 years already with no problems, so i don't know what the hell your talking about.
my car has 140k on it and have no probs with it, my dad has put over a million miles on the last 6 hondas he has had combianed. Wow 2 years