FS: 92 WIDE BODY hatch

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crew chief
Sup guys! Help me get a bike and buy my car! For sale a 92 hatch. History behind car is:

A friend of mine wide bodied this hatch & custom paint and the night it left the body shop it was jacked. We found out who did it of course. So this is a theft recovery vehicle. It was completly stripped except the shell. Basicly I bought the car from him to help him out with money.

Car is sold as is.
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That dent happened at a checker auto parts and is being fixed compliments of CSK.

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Body has some damage and paint that needs to be fixed

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Needs interior carpet and the air/heat vent is missing from the drivers side

all other pics are in my gallery feel free to check em out. A buddy of mine that owns a body shop estimated the body work to be around 800 bucks to repair and to color match. The work can be done by him if you like. Car also comes with white 18 in motegi rims and tires about 70% life left, has a 99 LS motor less than 60k, door poppers, shaved, AC. I can also hook you up with a rebuilt cnc machined port polished B16A3 head ($550 for head). Was planning an LS/ We-tech with my buddies at RS MOTORS here in minnesota but I wanna sell the car now its not me anymore I wanna bike. Asking price is $5500 ($6500 and the LS/vtec will be done for you, the right way). If you have a Safc I can dyno tune it free of charge before you take it.

Thanks in advance. One.