Fs: 97-01 Custom Turbo Kit Honda Prelude

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Kit includes:
RevHard T4 Manifold
Turbonetics Ball Bearing T4 (TS04) Turbocharger
HKS Purocell
Turbonetics 40mm Racegate Wastgate
XS Intercooler 24"11"3"
Custom intercooler piping
Custom 3" Downpipe
3" High Flow Catalytic Converter
3" Custom Exhaust Piping
Apexi Universal N1 muffler 3"
Blitz SS BOV
Vortech 10:1 FMU
Missing Link
Custom front motor mount NO A/C
2 front mount slim fans

Yes I'm selling the exhaust with the kit because I have no use for it.
$2500 for everything. (with or without the exhaust)
This is a really good deal considering I payed $4250 for the turbo kit, not including the exhaust and catalytic converter which cost me an extra $700.

This kit yielded me 235whp @ 7psi and 267.4whp @ 9psi.
I ran a best of 13.211@ 108mph on STREET TIRES with this setup. In a 3050lb beast!!
I have the time slips and dyno graphs to proove it.

I'm not sure if I'll be taking the MSD fuel pump off my car, so you will need to buy a fuel pump if I don't. If I end up taking it off, I'll throw it in with the kit.
Once again,
$2500 for everything.

This kit will fit any 97-01 prelude model. This kit was installed at Pit Crew in San Gabrial. If you want, they can install it for you there for around $500 /- but don't quote me on that.

SoCali Prefered!!!

email me off the list dvs_prelude@yahoo.com