FS: b18b almost complete

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Im located in Virginia, I have a b18b LS motor for sale. Motor was going to be a LS v-tec running in a week but builder passed away in a car accident (Arbi). Motor has new timing belt and waterpump. Almost complete motor, needs distributor, and injectors. Im asking $550obo for motor. Also have a .86 turbine turbo i would throw in for $100 more. Let me know, and i will take offers!!!

Pics avalible...
bump, obo anyone! Need money for another project. MAKE OFFERS!!!!
This is a fresh motor. Dont know what you mean by what parts are missing, but it comes with harness. Motor needs distributor, injectors, clutch, flywheel. Very clean motor with brand new timing belt, and waterpump. I can send pics in a day, b/c I have to still take pics of it.
was just curious if it was all oem honda parts. i need to find an engine to go into my 92 teg. how much are you looking at getting for it. and if you could send any pics you have whenever you get them that would be great
I am going to run by the shop tomarrow to get pics. The motor has all oem honda parts. This motor was built by one of the most well know Honda builders/tuner on the east coast. I am looking for 450obo. Let me know what you think......
ok cool. i'm really really interested, but would like to wait on the pics to make any decisions. As soon as I check them out I'll get back with you.
If he was a friend of yours I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm very interested as well, pictures please.

Willing to ship?
thank you for your consideration. Pics finally!!!
As you can see the motor has been sealed so no critters and dust/grime cant get in. Valve cover may need cosmetic work (respray). Let me know what you think.


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the brakets from the motor to the mounts i want asap shipped 53142 pm me price please or email, ily =]
i need all 3