Fs: Civic Type R Cam Ctr Cam New (florida)


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I have a brand new Civic Type R Intake cam. This is the INTAKE ONLY. This is still in the plastic bag. Never installed at $250 this is a steal.
Civic Type-R And Integra Type-R(Integra Type R 2000/01 Spec)
Int-243 dur. / 11.5mm lift

Valve Springs to be used: Stock B16A/GSR if using stock 8200 re-limit. Integra Type-R if using rev limit over 8200rpms. Mugen Valve Springs can also be used.
Description: These are great, reliable cams for the money. They will give good gains from midrange all the way until 8400rpms. These cams have stock idle characteristics.
click this link for a pic of the cam.


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I'm great Brian - just trying to stay ALIVE down here in FLORIDA. How have you been. Are you still running this board? Remember the good old days? I was like the first sponsor - ahhh the memories.

Does anyone want to buy my cams.? Please.


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to the top. Free shipping if you purchase within 1 week. Please call me at 321.248.6543