fs.. d15

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I am selling my stock 89 crx hf 1.5L 5spd motor... 164,000 miles... new clutch... for parts or what not ... make offer. crxracing77@aol.com there is nothing special abt this motor.. just getting my new one very soon and dont want to let this one sit around.. almost any offer will be considered.
you gave it about 3 1/2 hours, you think anyone is going to jump on that in that time. Just give it time and if no one wants it, (if it is still in the car) go to a hobby shop, buy the fuel that they use for the little gas powered cars (nitro methane or something like that) it is basicly liquid nitrous and you will be flying for like an hour. Or if you still want money for it, skip the 60 mins. of fun and sell it on ebay.
Nah, he actually gave it 15 hours and 17 minutes. :D

asmallsol- that hobby gas is something like $5 a gallon! A little too much money to just drop in a full tank to have fun with...